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In keeping with the spirit of our shul, which celebrates Jewish life and wisdom (and attention to what we model for the children in our midst), we invite individuals to volunteer to give the "drash/dvar torah", which will take place immediately following the completion of the Musaf service (ie. Adom Olam has been sung, the men have removed their tallitot, etc.), before Kiddush.

While our rabbi gives the weekly Shabbat Sermon, every few weeks or upon request related to special events, the drasha spot is open to others.  We look forward to the participation of many-representing varying degrees of formal/informal Jewish education, personal ideologies and approaches to Torah study. Both men and women are invited to volunteer.

Drasha Protocol

We are united in our commitment to creating a religious community where our members can cultivate the principles articulated by the "Statement of Principles" ( We recognize the fact that Jews at every level of observance have made vital material and spiritual contributions to the advancement of the Jewish people. We believe that all Jews can play a key role in shaping our collective destiny and therefore are not judgmental or critical about any branch of Judaism or an individual representing that branch. We therefore intend that our tefillot (prayer services), our speakers and visiting scholars, our lay leadership, our rabbinic leadership, and our program of activities promote these values and ideals.

Please consult with Rabbi Goldschmiedt should you have any concerns regarding the theme or specific content of your remarks.  

The drasha must  be limited to 10 minutes-with a 2 minute grace period-after which the kehillah will burst into song (the shabbas equivalent of the Academy Awards orchestra piping up). If you play your cards right...this can actually make for a lovely ending.

May or may not be related to the Parsha/Portion of the week.

May include a perspective on a Jewish idea-or a Jewish perspective on an idea.
May relate to a person or family (Yarzheit, anniversary, etc).

May be a simple sharing (with or without text) of an interesting insight that was written or taught by someone else.

May the "Gates of Torah" in each of us swing wide open!!! that we have from the other. 

To enquire about giving the drasha on a particular week, please contact Arna Poupko Fisher at









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