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Tefillat HaYeladim (youth prayer services and programming on Shabbat mornings) is an important part of our congregational life. Every Shabbat after the second aliyah, children ages 5-11 are gathered to participate in one of two groups for prayers followed by games and other activities related to the weekly parasha. Adult members of the congregation take turns preparing and leading the activities, assisted by high school students.

Tefilat Hayeladim Volunteers please sign up here: Tefilat Hayeladim

CST founded Cincinnati's first Bnei Akiva chapter in 2013. Bnei Akiva is a religious Zionist group that is led by youth, for youth, to teach Torah lessons and values and instill a love for the Land of Israel. Our monthly "snif" meets at various locations and is directed to children in grades 3-6. Currently Bnei Akiva meets monthly in private homes. All children in grades 3-8 are encouraged to participate in mincha services followed by fun programming and snacks. High school students serve as madrichim (leaders) for the program under the direction of Rebbetzin Elyssa Goldschmiedt and Bnei Akiva head, Chasya Klafter.

Parents, please complete the following Bnei Akiva membership form for each child. The information you provide on the form is private, sent directly to Chasya Klafter:

Please pay the annual Bnei Akiva Membership fee of $36 per child though the shul's secure PayPal account.

CST sponsors programs for chol hamoed Sukkot and Pesach each year encouraging girls to learn Torah. Girls who successfully complete the learning requirements are invited to a mother-daughter ice cream party where they hear divrei Torah, make a craft, and eat sweets. Our boys participate in a variety of learning opportunities throughout the year.

Boys Learning Program

Girls learning and holding certificates.








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