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We are all very excited about our new Shul. We would like to review some of the procedures and protocols that we are requesting everyone to follow.


We have 30 spaces in our parking lot. It is important for fire safety that we only park in those 30 designated positions. Parking on the driveway by the side of the Shul or in front of the Shul by the house is prohibited.


If you are crossing or walking on Section Road, please exercise caution. Our driveway is active, so please yield to all cars and do not walk in such a manner that you are blocking a lane.

A popular cut-through (that does not run through Section Road) can be accessed through the Edelstein home behind Sha'arei Torah at 7258 Laurel Oak Lane - the driveway leads to a wood path and our parking lot. Thank you to the Edelsteins for providing us with this route!

Our congregation, together with other local Amberley residents, agreed that Brookwood Lane, a private road, would not be used as a thruway for pedestrians making their way to the synagogue. Amberley Village granted us rights to use of our property conditional to this agreement, so please help us in being good neighbors by avoiding this route as a cut-through to CST.


We have built a beautiful Shul in a park like environment. It is still a work in progress and we will be using a temporary Aron Kodesh and Mechitza. We hope to have our permanent Aron and Mechitza in the not too distant future.

Please understand that we have put a tremendous amount of energy and work into building the Shul and, like any new project, certain portions take a bit more time.

Kiddush will be in the main Shul. However, because the property is so picturesque, weather permitting, we will set up outside, when feasible.

Please be sure to use the appropriate trash and recycling receptacles and as always help in cleaning up is very much appreciated. Children's Playroom


All babysitting and youth programs will be held in the house which is adjacent to the Shul. We will have a registration protocol for all children under the age of 9 where they will not be allowed to leave the babysitting or groups unless the parent or designated adult picks them up. Children under the age of 9 must be in groups or with their parents at all times.

PlaygroundWe are on a beautiful site with 6.4 acres and a pond. Young children should not be allowed to wander around without parental supervision. We have a great playground set which may be used at any time with appropriate supervision.


Please park your strollers either in one of the garage bays which will be open or under the roof line of the Shul Building.  We want to keep the lobby clear so please do not park your stroller in the lobby or the entrances to it.

SEATINGInside the new shul

As is our current protocol, there will not be assigned seats. Both the men and women’s sections will have chairs and tables. Our Mechitza is portable so we have the ability to arrange the men and women’s section in different configurations, depending on the seating requirements. We do have cubbies in the coat room so members’ talitot and other items can be stored there.


Our Kitchen is in the house so we will need help transferring food to the Shul. As always, your assistance is requested and appreciated. Please help with routine kiddush food prep, set up and clean up tasks by signing up on this KIDDUSH SUPPORT CREW link.

For catered events, please review the attached documents:


Please be sure that your children remain on our property at all times. Our neighbor adjacent to our property has a dog, so at no time should your children enter their yard or attempt to play with or call over their dog.


If you have any ideas on how to make our new Shul better, please let us know.  As with any new enterprise, there will be things that we overlooked or could not afford due to our budgetary constraints. Regardless, please let us know and we will address them if we can.

We are about to enter another significant milestone in our Shul’s history. We thank all of our members and friends for their tremendous support.









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