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   Rabbi Ezra Goldschmiedt and
   his wife Elyssa.









The following classes are offered weekly. All are welcome.

Mishna Berura – Shabbat b/w Mincha & MaarivLed by Rabbi Goldschmiedt at the shul. Men and women are welcome. Studying laws of the chagim.

Gemara Avodah Zara
Sun. 7am & Thur. 10:30- 11:30pm
Led by R. Goldschmiedt at the Goldschmiedt home (7480 Elbrook). Men and women of all learning levels are welcome. Please bring your own gemara (Masechet Avodah Zara).

Choshen Mishpat
Shabbat b/w Mincha & Maariv. Led by Dr. Nachum Klafter at the shul. Men and women are welcome. Currently learning laws of contracts.

Women's Parsha Class
Tuesdays at 10-11AM

Parsha/halacha Shiur
Led by a member of the Kollel. 20 minutes before Shacharit on Shabbat.

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